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19-09 on Creative Live with Kris Crummett

2014-08-07 11.13.30

The 19-09 was recently featured in Kris Crummett’s (Sleeping With Sirens, Issues, Dance Gavin Dance) recent Creative Live class on “Tracking and Mixing With Outboard Gear”. He used it for adding aggression and control to the bass and said “[The 19-09] is my favorite kick drum compressor” The class is available for purchase at creativelive.com

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Order Delays

We would like to apologize  to anyone waiting for a 1909. Due to a mixup at one of our suppliers we received an order of incorrect critical components. Unfortunately the return/exchange process took longer than expected and some orders were delayed. Be assured, we’ve taken steps to ensure a gap in service like this NEVER occurs again.
THE GOOD NEWS is that the correct components should be in by mid-week, and orders should be in the mail by weeks-end!

-Western Dynamo


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Sonic Ranch

This month, we took a little road trip out to Tornillo, Tx and visited the gorgeous Sonic Ranch Studios. We worked on upgrading and maintaining their extensive analog gear collection… even left a thing or two behind for the engineers to play with.

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