TecMint Linux Books in PDF Format

TecMint is your ultimate source on the internet for guides on all things relating to Linux including the use of open source tools, distribution reviews, shell scripting, Linux commands, command-line tools, Linux certification guides, Linux tricks & tips, and so much more.

The TecMint team is a result of passionate geeks and very well knowledgeable enthusiastic professionals around the world contributing tirelessly to the growth of this website.

It is our delight to have provided all our content for absolutely nothing in the past for our ever-growing readers and community of over 550K+ followers on the social medium.

TecMint generates a whopping 4 million pageviews per month however, the revenue accumulated from ads isn’t enough to keep it afloat. For this reason, we’ll be offering our premium content in a PDF format that you’ll be able to buy and keep for reference purposes or to use whenever you deem fit in the future.

The prices will range from $20 to $40 at most depending on the article series and you’ll get all future updates to PDFs for free as needed.

We are asking that you consider making a purchase whenever you can, as it would really help us grow more and continue to provide the best of the best guides on the internet regards Linux.

Linux Books in PDF Format

With your purchase, you will help support Tecmint.com so that we can continue bringing you high-quality articles for free on a daily basis as always. If you’ve any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


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  1. I can hook you up with some links for the very basics. Send me an email. A lot of information I use comes straight from Tecmint. I do believe I have some cheatsheets. Tecmint has a list of Linux commands too. Take them and tinker.

  2. You need something new users can buy. All those were miles over my head. Something like a basic commands cheat sheet for the desk top. Or possible a reference manual with not only all the basic commands but a really good guide to the layout of the file system and purpose of the different file types. I know all this info is readably available but if it was cheep newbies like me would like to have it all in a manual right on the desk top. and it would give you a product that would appeal to a wider group.

    • They have hundreds and hundreds of pages here on this site and many many free books. Lots of those are designed for beginners. Just because they are free doesn’t mean you can’t buy them. Send a donation. :-) :-)


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