We're back

It's been 7 years since I finished designing the 1909 Optical Compressor. The intervening years have been a little spotty with regard to manufacture and sales. Off and on I would make a batch and list them for sale, with long gaps between. In fact as I write this, it's been over a year since I built a 1909. 

For many of those years I was working as the staff studio tech at Sonic Ranch Recording in Tornillo, Tx. The job was overwhelming-- 5 studios, each with their own console and fleet of outboard, mics, guitar amps and tape machines in constant need of maintenance. Building compressors was especially hard to fit in. 

The time has come to give this great compressor my full attention. I've been working on a few other products that I hope I can give a chance too. I'd like to thank all of the wonderful people who've made the 1909 what it is today. I'm looking forward to the future. Stay tuned for more updates.